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My name is London Merritt.

I am the founder of Big Kid Tutoring.

"Perseverance can amount to Big achievements." LM

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My name is London Merritt, a rising student at the University of Southern California.  Prior to college, I attended Harvard University's High School Summer Program. Coming into college, I've always wanted to help students gain access and exposure to higher learning.

Big Kig Tutoring has a mission to help girls and boys reach their full potential through the power of tutoring, time management, and study skills.

I am passionate about helping students from all social economic and diverse backgrounds, including low-income students who live in underserved communities.  

I am not a whiz kid. I am your average student that developed effective study skills. During my first semester at USC, I made the Dean's List and Honor Society.   I created Big Kid Tutoring as a pathway to help my community. 

Perseverance can amount to Big achievements. L Merritt

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