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Preguntas frecuentes

  • What are your Rates or Pricing?
    Pricing for one-on-one session is $25 per student and per hour paid in advance . If the one-on-one session is held for less than one hour, the price is $25.00. Minimum rate: 1.0 hour Pricing for each shared session is $12.50 per student and per hour paid in advance. If the shared session is held for less than one hour, the price is $12.50 per student. Minimum rate: 1.0 hour
  • How do I sign up for a Subscription Plan?
    One student is included per subscription. To sign up for a subscription plan, please email for more information. Subscription plans are paid monthly or yearly in advance. Subscription plans can be cancelled at the end of your current subscription billing period. Additional terms apply. For more information please see our Terms, Refund & Cancellation Policies which will be provided to you upon establishing a paid subscription account. Rates are based on a minimum of one hour.
  • Where will the sessions take place?
    Sessions will take place online via zoom, remotely, or simply by texting me a question. My personal zoom link will be sent via email.
  • What subjects do you tutor?
    For math, I focus on addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Also, decimals, fractions, and percentages. For English, I help with phonics, grammar, spelling, vocabulary, and reading comprehension. The goal is to help students develop strategies to excel in school. I also provide: Organization skills, study skills and test preparation.
  • What is the best way to contact you?
    The best way to contact me is through emailing or texting me. My number is (909) 559-0230 and my email is
  • How do I schedule a session?
    Three simple steps: 1. Contact us to schedule a session. An electronic intake form will be emailed. The intake form must be completed and returned before step 2. 2. Select a date for tutoring. A calendar link will be provided to you. 3. Pay in advance before your scheduled session. A payment link will be emailed.
  • How do I pay for each session?
    We accept PayPal or Zelle. A payment link will be sent to you upon booking a session.
  • Are you a Big Kid?
    Yes. Here is a picture of me in elementary school. The students I tutor get a real laugh and feel a sense of connection when they see I was a Big Kid, too. Please share your story with me. Are you a Big Kid?
  • What is a shared session?
    Shared sessions consists of a minimum of two students and a maximum of 3 students. To book a shared session, each student or parent is responsible for finding another student to share or pair with for each online shared tutoring session. Each shared tutoring session is held online through Zoom only.
  • What is a one-on-one session?
    Each one-on-one tutoring session is held online through Zoom only. One-on-one tutoring sessions are for one student. In a one-on-one session, it can typically run up to one hour or less. However, an one-on-one session can be scheduled for longer if needed.
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